A downloadable game for Windows

Here is my Entry for the first GMTK game Jam.

I worked about eight hours in one session on this, 

but sadly ran out of time now.

The Game is not finished, it is missing some art assets, sounds/music and a few gameplay mechanics i was panning as well as a menu.

I really don't know if im ever going to come back to this, 

but it definitely was a nice learning experience.

Install instructions

Just unzip the Folder and Run the included .exe

i would advice playing in windowed mode since i didn't include any menus.

the game controls completely with the Mouse, 

-move mouse to manoeuvre

-left click to dash forward and drop a projectile

-at a certain height a short slow motion is triggered.


GMTK-JAM-01_yKekS.zip 11 MB

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